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  • Pressure now on stage at the Lyceum

    The Lyceum Theatre’s latest show “Pressure” by David Haig. An intense real-life thriller centred around the most important weather forecast in the history of warfare. The set is based on the actual room where the original events and true story took place.

  • Private lives being built

    Noel Coward’s Private Lives being built at the Royal Lyceum workshop in Edinburgh. A rather large set amazingly built in 3 weeks and now showing on stage. It looks fantastic now it is dressed and lit. I do not usually laugh much at our shows but this did it and is played brilliantly by the [...]

  • King’s Dome opening a success

    After weeks of having to withhold pictures I can finally show some. I have another project on the go that stops me from writing a full report of the project but I will endeavour to do this in about a week. Hope the pictures are of interest in the meantime. Please see main gallery for [...]