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New site live

It has been sometime since I posted. Partly my own insecurities but mostly as I have been extremely busy with some large scale painting and with building a studio. I am posting now as I have just built a new site to display my latest work and posted my first ever youtube video (which included making my first video – tutorials are wonderful things!) I look forward to hopefully posting more at

Pressure now on stage at the Lyceum

The Lyceum Theatre’s latest show “Pressure” by David Haig. An intense real-life thriller centred around the most important weather forecast in the history of warfare. The set is based on the actual room where the original events and true story took place.

Private lives being built

Noel Coward’s Private Lives being built at the Royal Lyceum workshop in Edinburgh. A rather large set amazingly built in 3 weeks and now showing on stage. It looks fantastic now it is dressed and lit. I do not usually laugh much at our shows but this did it and is played brilliantly by the cast.

King’s Dome opening a success

After weeks of having to withhold pictures I can finally show some. I have another project on the go that stops me from writing a full report of the project but I will endeavour to do this in about a week. Hope the pictures are of interest in the meantime. Please see main gallery for images. The opening of the King’s Dome painting was a great success and the words wow, amazing and beautiful were great to hear!

King’s Dome painting is finished!

After 34 days, 14hrs a day, the painting on the King’s Theatre dome is complete and looks pretty good. The opening to the public is tonight so I will post some pictures up tomorrow. Saying that, BBC online have a time lapse video of part of the project if you would like a sneaky preview! A big thank you to John Byrne for asking me to help him put his design on the roof and thanks to all those who helped me, assistant artists and those who helped with advice and support. More details to follow.





King’s Theatre Dome!

The Dome of the King’s theatre being primed in preparation for painting John Byrne’s design. This was Tuesday the 25th June and has now been drawn in. Blocking in will hopefully start on Monday. Long days and likely to get longer!

Takin’ Over The Asylum

New theatre show opened on Thursday and will run from  to 

Time and the Conways

The Time and the Conways cast from the latest production at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. I have watched a technical run through of the show and  enjoyed it. The story of unfulfilled lives is very interesting to me at least. I won’t say too much so as not too spoil it for any potential theatre goers but the set has some magical touches. Please see my limited edition print of the show in the gallery

Time and the Conways

Some of the Time and the Conways set nearing completion at the Lyceum workshop. As usual the lighting at the theatre will play a big part in the full set on stage.

A Taste of Honey


The LX (lighting) crew of the Lyceum Theatre focusing their lights. The ladder or Tallescope used is pretty handy extending to over 10 metres. Previously the ladder could be moved with someone in the box at the top but health and safety now dictates that the operator must come down if moving, which happens a lot when you are focusing 50 + lights. Euan on the ladder is about as fast as it gets safely.