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Private lives being built

Noel Coward’s Private Lives being built at the Royal Lyceum workshop in Edinburgh. A rather large set amazingly built in 3 weeks and now showing on stage. It looks fantastic now it is dressed and lit. I do not usually laugh much at our shows but this did it and is played brilliantly by the cast.

Time and the Conways

The Time and the Conways cast from the latest production at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. I have watched a technical run through of the show and  enjoyed it. The story of unfulfilled lives is very interesting to me at least. I won’t say too much so as not too spoil it for any potential theatre goers but the set has some magical touches. Please see my limited edition print of the show in the gallery

Cinderella and the workshop

cinderella workshop


some pieces of the jigsaw from the set build of Cinderella at the Lyceum. A sneaky preview, designed to entice rather than spoil the surprise. The Christmas showing of Cinderella at the Royal Lyceum Theatre opens on the 1st of December. I take my son and some of his friends every year to the christmas show for his birthday and they get to go back stage. They are 9 years old now and still finding it magical.

I hope to get back to painting Joe Hart as soon as possible.