Archive | September, 2012

Guid Sisters on stage

I have been building the set for The Guid Sisters for several weeks now and this week we put it up on our stage. This is always a bit of a challenge. Making it fit together and move properly usually requires a little persuasion or on the spot engineering and this show has more than usual movement. As well as the use of our amazing fly floor and its 50+ flying bars there are 3 hefty motors taking some of the physical strain of the show. My picture shows some of the flying pieces up in the air waiting to make their appearance. First performance is due for next Tuesday the 18th though the actors get their first shot on the set this Saturday. I will be there looking for that next show image for the website.

Stockbridge Market

I wandered into this market by surprise a year ago and bought some banana chutney. Having been a few times since, I really like it and thought it would be good to stand on the other side of the stall. It was good, from the hand cranked record player on the chocolate stall to the paella serving Spaniards and the positive response to my stall. Good atmosphere with lovely coffee, best hot chocolate I think I have tasted, wine, and plenty of food to eat there and take home. Pretty sure I will do it again soon. Its on every Sunday 10-5. At the bridge in Stockbridge, Edinburgh

999 bottles! and Stockbridge Market

paint toolsPicture shows some of the tools ( and the beautiful French enamel paint ) required to paint a huge amount of bottles for one of our upcoming Royal Lyceum Theatre shows. These tools and a bit of patience! Also would like to post some info about a market I am doing tomorrow, Sunday 2nd September at Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Thought it would be a bit of fun. Like many, I love a market so will be interesting to see what it will be like on the other side of the stall. Wanted to do a bit of promotion for the website too.